Friday, April 2, 2010

3 Accidentally and 1 Intentionally Vegan Finds

I have been sick since I posted last. I wish I were kidding. Working with people, and especially people of the children variety, is actually really gross. But this should be about food, not about gross, so I thought I'd share some of my RANDOM VEGAN FINDS from today!

Today is my first day off since, well I took a sick day Monday, but before that, President's Day. I had a cat rescue mission this morning, then lunch with the boy (veggie wrap at Mr. Subb. Actually not so bad. Lots of mustard and pickles and olives), then to the Subaru dealer to have them change the oil and listen to the ticking noise, but actually their computers were down, I waited 30 minutes and they hadn't even taken my keys, and I said screw it, I'm not sitting here all day and told them I'd reschedule... so while I was out that way anyway, I stopped at the Price Chopper that has the Kosher grocery department. The Kosher Grocery is great for all sorts of random accidentally vegan things. It being Passover right now means even MORE random stuff. Awesome. Here were my finds today:

Clockwise from top left...
This one is intentionally vegan. In fact, it says right on it "Vegan Moroccan Chicken." I have never seen these before! They also had vegan sesame chicken, and vegan beefless stir fry. I have yet to try it, but it will make me a happy megatarian on some lazy night where I'm hungry but don't feel like cooking.

Chocolate covered marzipan.
My favorite chocolate bar is Ritter Sport Marzipan. I thought I'd see how these compare. In a head to head taste test, Ritter Sport would win hands down. These lack the balance of the not so sweet chocolate with the super sweet Marzipan. In fact, the chocolate is so sweet you can't detect the almond flavor... or at least I can't right now but admittedly my sense of smell and taste is still severely diminished due to this cold. It's definitely a nice, sweet, creamy bite, but for true marzipan flavor, I'd stick with Ritter.

Dame Blanche
The white lady. Holy crow this are good. It is two tea biscuit type cookies with a vanilla cream filling covered in sweet chocolate. It really encompasses a lot of my favorite things into one treat. I love a nice plain faintly sweet vanilla cookie, I love cream filling, I love chocolate, what could be bad? Fortunately these are all individually wrapped or I'd probably find myself sneaking back into the box for another one. I'm still debating whether or not I should share with the boy.

Alprose Deluxe Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Praline.
Nothing in that description is bad. Another really super sweet chocolate. Maybe I'm just so used to a slightly bitter dark chocolate that these seem extraordinarily sweet. The hazelnut flavor definitely comes through though, and the chocolate is nice and silky smooth. I am not disappointed.

Believe it or not, I came home, tried my treats, then ate a bowl of fruit... which I guess is sort of just more sweets when you get right down to it. The moral of this story is always explore the Kosher and International sections of your supermarket. You never know what random things you might encounter.


Stef said...

Re. the Vegan Moroccan Chicken (and other flavors) - what is the brand name of that? Is it a frozen item, or shelf stable? I'd LOVE to find that here (Minneapolis) if I can... any additional info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks!


algae said...

Yay for vegan kosher foods. I love when those worlds intersect. And ritter sport marzipan bars are amazing. I love getting them for 85 cents here in germany :)