Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tofu McMegans

Happy Hurricane everyone! I hope everyone is safe and dry and has power and heat and water and all that jazz. We're in the north-east, but just got some wind and some rain, but we're all fine with no loss of any necessary services. Everyone was bracing for the worst, however, and the boy got released early from work yesterday, and did not have to be in until noon today. After a leisurely morning in bed, I asked if he'd like me to make breakfast, and he said "TOFU MCMEGANS?!", and we had the ingredients, so I obliged.

I have to laugh a little at the name Tofu McMegans, because our last name is actually a Mc, but it doesn't have the same ring to it. Maybe because it's the wrong number of syllables...

A Tofu McMegan is a piece of coated, fried tofu on an english muffin with Yves Veggie Canadian Bacon (or as we call it - canadian facon) and a slice of american-style cheese-style product. The tofu makes a remarkably good egg substitute, since at least in this application, it is all about the texture. I've found anything about a medium texture tofu and above works fine - any softer and it's hard to keep it together to pan fry it. The big brand English Muffin is not vegan, and I like the Ezekiel brand English muffins, but I've found many store brand English muffins are also vegan - so if you're looking for an e-muffin, check those out!

I only ever make two Tofu McMegans at a time, one for me and one for the boy, but it's easy to make more. The coating mixture would probably be enough that you don't need to double it if you're making an entire pound of tofu's worth.

Tofu McMegans

Coating mixture:
2 tbsp rice flour
2 tbsp corn starch
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp mustard powder
Salt & Pepper

Other stuff:
1/2 lbs of tofu, cut into english muffin-sized squares (two slices side by side work too!)
4 slices Canadian Facon
2 slices nondairy american cheese of choice (I like Rice Vegan)
2 english muffins, toasted
Canola oil

In a shallow dish, mix together the coating mixture. Take the cut tofu and press it into the mixture to coat it on all sides. (It will stick to the wet tofu)

In a cast iron skillet, add enough oil to just cover the bottom. Heat the pan, and add the tofu, cooking until lightly brown on both sides (usually about 5 minutes a side). At the same time, you can heat/brown up the canadian facon.

Mmm steamy! The top right tofu has been flipped and is beautiful! The top left is waiting for its turn. 

Once you've got your tofus browned up and crispy and your facon heated, then just assemble! 

Bottom Muffin
Top Muffin 

Delicious!! We had ours with hot mulled cider this morning, but often enjoy them with fruit smoothies in the summer.

Aaaand here's the puppy hanging with his "friends" on the windowsill! Stay tuned tomorrow for Hamilton in his Prize Winning Halloween Costume!

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