Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things I Found In My Fridge Soup

Really, it should be called "Things I Found In My Fridge and Freezer Soup" but that title was getting kind of wordy.

Since I've been out of work, I've had more time to be creative with meals. I don't need a plan to be perfectly executed after work in order to get everything done that I need to get done, like take the dog to the park and do the laundry and I don't know, rest a little? We've been doing a lot of eating down the fridge and pantry. I buy fruit, and some bits of necessities (lettuce, celery.. and pencil thin asparagus for $1.49/lbs? I can't say no!) but otherwise it's a free-for-all! Lately I've been using up the remaining scraps of the CSA share, lots of roots and greens. Tonight I combined them with my garden things (and other things) from the freezer and made soup. I also baked some fresh potato rolls with pesto, which fancied up the whole thing.

It's a perfect night for soup! It has been getting very cold here. So much so that I made Hamilton a sweater.

 Doesn't he look like a little frat boy??

But back to the main topic... SOUP!  There's no recipe for this, but I can list all the things in that nice steamy bowl. 

From the counter:
Garlic [csa]
Rosemary, Thyme [co-op]
Olive oil [store!]
salt/pepper [store!]

From the fridge:
Leeks [csa]
Carrots [csa]
Celery [store!]
Turnip [csa]
Kale [csa]
Sage [csa]

From the freezer:
Vegetable Broth [homemade]
Diced tomatoes [garden]
Tomato paste [store - OLD - it was getting freezer burned so I thought it was use it or lose it]
Seitan [homemade]

Sauteed up the garlic, leeks, carrots, celery, tossed in everything else, and let it simmer til it was all soft then ate it all up with warm, fresh, fluffy pesto rolls. It totally hit the spot! Also, I FINALLY have enough room in my produce drawers for all the produce in the fridge. I'm getting my shelves back!

Just for fun, this is Hamilton in his sweater from last year. HE WAS SO TINY! And he hated  it. He doesn't mind the current sweater. He likes being toasty :)

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