Sunday, July 12, 2009

How does your garden grow?

These recent posts seem to be straying from cooking to food in general.

Lately we've been getting rain nearly every day. We've only had a handful of days above 80 this summer so far. I would absolutely love the mild weather if it wasn't for my garden! Finally, I have my own house with a big yard and the freedom to do with it what I please, and the weather has not been cooperating. I had an early mishap when the tomatoes went on a bender and turned purple and droopy, but they have since recovered. I planted my peas in full sun -- only to find that when the trees filled in a few weeks later they were shaded. With all the rain and little sun and even less heat, it's been a slow start overall, but it finally seems to be picking up some! Hopefully I'll start being able to prepare home grown meals soon!!

And so.. here are a few pictures of the garden...

Snap peas, beets in the front of the box, kale in the back

Assorted tomatoes and eggplant

More snap peas to make up for the ones that got shaded

Pole beans, a tomato, some eggplants, broccoli, and four varieties of squash in the front

The Garden :)

Baby Snap Pea

Baby Pole Beans with neat Purple Stripes
Baby Tomatoes
Baby Eight Ball Zucchini

Baby Gentry Squash

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