Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 1: Seitan Turkey

I'm slightly late on this bandwagon. I really miss blogging though and VEGAN MOFO seemed like a good time to get back into it! Plus, so many yummy food holidays this time of year! Thanksgiving! Christmas! I'll be gettin' my bake on and keeping busy in the kitchen for the next TWO MONTHS! Might as well take pics and post about it!

Every November as Thanksgiving nears I get the same question, "What do you eat for Thanksgiving?" and I answer "Food!" and they say (as though I'm ignorant) "But you don't eat TURKEY!!! What do you eat for Turkey? Do you get a *giggle* tofurkey??" Don't get me wrong, I do actually like Tofurkey. Can you think of any other edible football-boob hybrid? Me neither. But, it's not economical at all. What I do make every year is SEITAN TURKEY!! This is a lengthy process involving a lot of kneading (Thank you Kitchenaid) and a lot of resting, and a lot of oven time. The outcome is a really tender seitan that tastes mild and good with gravy. This weekend I made 2 batches for the
which is coming up this Sunday (let me know if you are in the NY Capital Region, or willing to travel, and want in).

This recipe is from Bryanna Clark Grogan's website, which currently has no recipes listed, or I'd just link to her recipe.


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I totally have to make this now. Thanks for posting the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the actual recipe? My husband and I use it every year and do not have a saved version so Thanksgiving may have to be seitan turkey free if we don't have it. If you do that would be awesome!

megatarian said...

I do. The author is apparently publishing it in a cookbook and requested I not post it, so I took it down.

Yarn Miracle said...

Am I illiterate? I can't find the recipe. Wait I just read your comment. Eh, one more year without a turkey stand-in won't kill us.