Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 25: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I did it. I finished the marathon cooking! I ate many delicious Thanksgiving foods! I am stuffed and exhausted and also freezing cold because the oven has been off for hours and our house has no insulation. I had planned on a recipe tonight, but on the verge of passing out and trying so hard to get my daily post in, I will instead barrage you, gentle reader, with a bunch of pictures of the delicious food before I go collapse in my cozy warm bed.

Before we get to the food, however, I would like to invite any reader living in the Capital District in NY to come down to Crossgates Mall tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday and donate a toy to needy kids! I don't delve into my personal life much here, but I am a social worker in foster care prevention. I work with a bunch of really great kids (and their families) who deserve a happy holiday and without us, it probably won't happen. So if you're local and you're out and about, stop by and donate a toy or a few bucks to make Christmas great for a kid in need! If you're not local, or avoiding the mall like the plague, and want to help, send me an email at megatarian(at) and we'll work something out! :) Now onto the food pics!

The Spread! With my new tablecloth and "fancy plates" I got for my wedding.

Here we have sweet potato cornbread, stuffed mushrooms, cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potatoes with apples, and my mini green bean casserole with panko instead of onions.

In this corner we have green bean casserole, stuffing, more cranbery sauce, more gravy, and scalloped broccoli and cauliflower.This angle shows the sweet potato and apple bake in the front, a bunch of repeats, and the seitan loaf all sliced up.
My plate! Clockwise from top right -- Seitan & Gravy, stuffed mushroom, sweet potato cornbread, sweet potatoes and apples, green bean casserole, broccoli and cauliflower, cranberry sauce, and stuffing in the middle. (No mashed potatoes because they're gross -- not these mashed potatoes in particular -- all mashed potatoes. I hate mashed potatoes.)

Pumpkin Cheesecake from

Apple Pie

Mmm.. Apple Pie and Mimicreme. The Pumpkin cheesecake is hiding behind it. We also had the pecan bars that I posted about yesterday. It was a great Thanksgiving!


amymylove said...

Looks way yummy! Wish I was at your pad!

Erin said...

This is quite an excellent looking feast! Great job!

Stef said...

Your wedding plates look beautiful, and your food plate looks AMAZING! I want to eat at your house some day! But no mashed potatoes? I think they are delish. Alas, to each her own. I'm glad you had a great holiday! (And hope you collected lots of toys in the following days.)