Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 13: "Turkey" & Cranberries Sandwich

I believe this to be my all time favorite sandwich. It even trumps Avocado and Marmite and Earth Balance, and that's tough to beat! This sandwich is particular to Thanksgiving time, because originally it contained turkey, or roast chicken, which was something my parents made around the holidays as well. When I first went vegetarian, this was something I actually lamented not being able to eat anymore. Of course, back then, turkey-style veggie lunch slices were unheard of, tofurkey didn't exist, field roast wasn't born yet, and Seitan wasn't a household name. Now that all these things are a part of my life, my sandwich was reborn and is as delicious as I remember as a kid, if not more so! It is simple, yet delicious, and one of the only places, if not THE only place, I actually LIKE mayonnaise (or, y'know, Vegenaise). This can be made with your turkey substitute of choice, but I find the most important parts are having good quality bread and homemade cranberry sauce. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but the stuff in a can just yields an inferior sandwich.

This isn't really a recipe, more a suggestion for an awesome sandwich.

* Take two pieces of bread at room temperature and spread them with Vegenaise.
* Heat up your turkey style meat alternative slices just to get the fridge-chill off of them and lay them on your bread.
* Top the turkey-ish with a generous helping of Cranberry sauce.
* Cover with second piece of bread. Slice in half if desired. Enjoy.

I've had this for dinner twice this week and my mouth couldn't be happier!! I think I like it more than actually eating a Thanksgiving-style dinner!!


Anonymous said...

Worthington Foods has been making fake meat since the end of the 1930's, and a "smoked turkey roll" since the 1960's. You would probably have access to a Seventh Day Adventist church to know where to buy it them, but in the 70's a sister company named Morningstar Farms made it to common grocery stores. Some of them have eggs and milk, Thanksgiving is one time I am a 'megatarian' --- for tradition :) we will be serving Smoked Turkey Roll, Tofurkey makes a good substitute, just fun food, not needed for the 'meat food group' substitute.

Anonymous said...

I just had one of these sandwiches. It was delicious! I was a little worried about the cranberry sauce with the "turkey" because I'm not a big fan of mixing sweet and savory sometimes but this was really good! I also added a bit of vegetarian gravy on it too. Yum. Thanks for the great idea. Becky

Connie Fletcher said...

I can't wait until tomorrow night!!! We're eating dinner early-ish...and then...the grand finale is the leftover sandwich!!! My favorite part of