Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Bean Burgers and Oven Fries

This week is actually a slow week for cooking dinners. I thought Sunday and Monday night's dinners would carry us with leftovers for more of the week, Sunday being the Ziti and last night I made Scottish Broth (stew) out of The Vegan Table, though the boy ate the entire batch of it so I can't even say how it tasted because I didn't get a bowl. Ahem. So that's all gone. We're going away for the weekend on Friday, and the boy is out Wednesday nights so I don't make a proper dinner, so this is about it for me cooking this week. We have about a million hamburger buns in the freezer from our labor day BBQ, so I decided to put some to use and I made black bean burgers with sweet potato oven fries for dinner. Black beans and sweet potatoes go so well together. I'm going to avoid once again professing my love for the humble sweet potato, and just say damn it's a match made in heaven.

I used the Black Bean Burger recipe out of Veganomicon with only one real change -- I used red bell pepper instead of onion. It's about the same, right? Well anyway, it looks pretty and keeps with the southwestern theme. They came out a little underdone in the pan, though they were browning up nicely, but I found baking them a little extra in a 350 degree oven finished them up nicely so you didn't get a chewy gluten blob. Since I so just barely altered this recipe, I'll leave it to everyone to go grab their copy of V'con, turn to page 98, and make it themselves!

Burger! Ketchup! Avocado! Fries!

And to make up for a recipe-free post, here's a picture of two of my cats making out.

Atticus in Black, Sir Didymus in Orange Tabby


Jeni Treehugger said...

Cute cat cuddles and yummy burgers! A perfect post m'lady.

Ms Alex said...

Atticus is a great name for a cat. :)

Vegetation said...

Aww Kitty Cuddles!!! Adorable!

And yum! I love those burgers! I'll have to try frying then finishing them off in the oven! The best of both worlds then!

algae said...

That is the cutest cat photo!!!