Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dr. Cow Cheese

Another one of my pursuits while in NYC was finding some Dr. Cow Nut Cheese. I'd heard that this stuff is the closest to actual cheese as you can get, and actually edible sliced and on crackers and things. This is hard to believe considering the quality of vegan cheeses in general. Granted I've not gotten my hands on any Sheese or Cheezly or Teese or Daiya (yet), but from what I have tried, it's really only suitable for mixing into casseroles or putting on pizza with a bunch of other things to sort of hide the flavor a bit.

I bought two pieces of Dr. Cow Cheese, one Aged Cashew and one Aged Cashew and Brazilnut Cheese. They were $6.99 and $8.99 respectively for a little over 2 oz of cheese. I was cringing at that when I bought it, but it was my birthday dammit, and I was going to treat myself.

Was it worth it?

Man this stuff is good. I don't know if it would melt but really it doesn't matter because it isn't the kind of cheese you'd be buying for melting. It's nice and creamy with a good tang to it. It definitely has a nut undertone, but not in a bothersome way (unless of course you don't like nuts). I liked the Aged Cashew better than the Cashew/Brazilnut. The Boy thought it was as good as "real" cheese and perhaps ate more than his share of my precious bits of cheesy goodness. I also shared them with some of my local vegan crew and they all enjoyed it as well.

Other than the price, and the lack of local availability, the only criticism I have of this product is that it looks like fancy soap you'd put in your guest bathroom but you aren't ever actually supposed to use. But who cares really, it's for eating, not for looking at!

Cashew on the left, Cashew/Brazilnut on the right


Vegetation said...

I'm terribly envious of everyone who has access to this cheese!! It sounds wonderful! (And yay for soy free vegan cheese!)I hope it makes it here one day, even if it is expensive.

Lindsay said...

I tired some a long time ago and really want to try more. It's so hard to find though :(

Jeni Treehugger said...

I've heard amazing things about this cheese. It'll probably a garzillion years before they sell it this side of the pond though, same as Daiya.