Friday, October 9, 2009

Inside the Megatarian Fridge

I realized after I captioned these pictures that I really should have, oh, I don't know, cleaned out my fridge before I photographed it?? I swear it's on my to-do list, as it is in a bit of a state of chaos right now, but I thought it might be interesting for people to see how I stock my fridge. I always like looking in other people's fridges. It's interesting stuff! On the other hand, my second mistake was that this is the end of the grocery week as I'll go shopping tomorrow so... I may have to do this again some other time.

You should be able to click these images and check them out much bigger.

This is the outside:
Unfortunately the ice/water dispenser on the door doesn't work. It may or may not need a new water pump. Other bits on the fridge include instructions on how to clean the kitchen (*sigh* living with a boy), my congratulations letter from being accepted into candidacy, the info on where we have to take my ring to get it appraised, some receipts, a tai kwon do schedule, and a garbage/recycling schedule.

Then this is the inside...
As you can see there are some non-vegan bits in there that belong to the boy. In this case, there's a carton of milk and several types of mayo. There's also a couple cans of cat food. I tried to label some of the more ambiguous stuff. The freezer has a bunch of veggies, some stock, some ice creams, pestos, ice pops, nuts, and a large bag of stuff I need to take out to the compost pile.

On the fridge side we have a ridiculous number of condiments. There's leftover chili, salad, and soup, almond milk, tofu, some more nuts, some veggie cheese and tofutti cream cheese that really has been hiding in there forever and should probably go. I've got both Earth Balance and Smart Balance light, though SB-l is seriously inferior. I just thought I'd try it cause it was cheaper. Bleh. One of my new buys this week was a few quarts of GoodBelly juice because, as everyone who knows me knows, I do not have a good belly. It's a probiotic juice drink and they guarantee you'll feel uber in 12 days or your money back!! So far, I'm on day 2. It's not bad stuff, a little thick and slightly gritty from the oat fiber, but definitely drinkable. TAKE THAT ACTIVIA with your MILK and your GELATIN! I may end up making a GoodBelly review post at some point, maybe at day 12 at which time I'll know whether or not I need my money back. It has neither helped nor hurt me yet, so I might as well press on with it. Ahem, back on topic. The veggie drawers contain veggies, though at this juncture it's mostly carrots and celery and some herbs and still more damn squash from the garden! Fruit is all on the counter this week - apples, pears and bananas.

Perhaps for my next tour I'll take you to *dum dumm* The PANTRY!!! :D


Vegetation said...

I love side by size fridges!! I've always wanted one (I don't know why, I just have!).

I photographed mine for the PPK the other night (I should have cleaned inside it too!)

Yours looks clean enough to me though!

Zoey said...

I love refrigerator pictures- I wish mine had that many shelves!