Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ode to the Online Veg Community

I must say, the online veg*n community is absolutely fantastic. I sometimes wonder if outsiders think I'm crazy when I ramble on about things that happened on message boards and people I meet up with from the internet. In the "real world," veg*ns are often few and far between, and we're often so desperately happy to meet another veg that we are truly heartbroken when we find them eating a tuna sandwich (PESCATARIAN! the word is PESCATARIAN!). Online, we're a force to be reckoned with. Blog about something anti-veg or dis one of our favorite cookbook authors, and expect a torrent of comments from veg*ns like you've never experienced before. Write a "vegetarian" cookbook with omni convictions and you'd best bet no one's going to buy it (and don't even THINK about having sketchy ethics and expect to be on a best sellers list).

I was fortunate to have a family that accepted my vegetarianism from the get go, and to have a father that proudly explains to people that his daughter is vegan, even before I admitted it to myself. I am blessed to have a family and future in-laws who are supportive of my plans for a vegan wedding, and have said outright that if anyone doesn't it like it then screw 'em, they don't need to come. I am thankful every day to be with a wonderful omni man who gobbles down vegan food at home every day and has never even asked to bring raw animal flesh into our home. He even defends my choice to other people, and tells them how lucky HE is to have a delicious homecooked meal waiting for him every night. Not everyone is this fortunate, however, and for many, the online veg*n community has provided a sanctuary from the daily conflicts encountered from living in an omni world. They can find a place where their views aren't only respected, but embraced, supported, and applauded. These screen names and user icons become the friends and family many wish they had.

One of my favorite parts of being involved in online veg*n communities is participating in swaps. The rules vary from board to board, but the basics are the same - you make a box full of things you think your partner would like to try, and some of your favorite things, regional specialities, and hard to find treats, and in exchange you get a box of the same. Today I got a huge and wonderful swap-box from Veggieboarder Sallyomally that is going to be put to fantastic use as I experiment with all the interesting bits and bobs in my cooking.

This is a pic of my box contents from the last Post Punk Kitchen swap where I was paired with erin32mc.

This super selection was sent to me by PPKer ilovelabs

Much love to you all out there in Veg-on-the-Web land and thanks to all who have followed me through Week 1 of VeganMoFo!


Kelly said...

Yay! This post made my heart happy. I feel the same way; this community is so wonderful. :)

Pescatarian said...

In response to your latest post relative to the wonderful Vegan community - I've created an open "thank-you" letter to you (Megatarian) on my own blog for your meaningful contributions which have helped change my life. Please read whensoever you have a free moment to do so, many thanks & take care!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Great swap packages!
I'd be lost without the online vegan community because I don't have any real life vegans anywhere within easy distance of where I live! I have made some awesome frinds online.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Those are some serious hauls!

Shann said...

You are awesome, and it's awesome that your boy's family and your family are being so supportive of the vegan wedding! Great post!